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Frequently Asked Questions...

Q. What's your background- singing, acting or teaching?

A. I have qualifications and experience in all three; my degree is in history & sociology. I've worked in museums and heritage sites since 2005. My full CV is available on my LinkedIn profile page (click here).


Q. What is 'Live Interpretation'?

A.  Live Interpretation is the combining of 1st-person acting skills and historical facts to interpret the human experience of people in the past, in order to express a particular viewpoint or piece of knowledge to a modern audience. My particular area of interest is the interplay of social status between characters. 


Q. Which is your favourite character?

A. Whichever one I'm doing.


Q. Didn't you win an award?

A.  Yes. In fact I have two awards: Outstanding Contribution to Excellence in Education 2016, and Visit England Tourism Superstar runner up 2016.


Q. Are you the one that went on the Workhouse Diet?

A.  Yes, in 2014. Here's the blog I wrote:


Q. Are you the Rachel Duffield that sings with The Upper Octave?

A.  Yes, for the last twenty years! Here's our website:

About me...

People who run museums, heritage sites and historical events sometimes

employ me to dress up and pretend to be historical characters for them.


In character, I chat to visitors about the important historical matters of the day- but to be honest, people usually just want to talk about knickers.


Or guns.


I don't do guns, but I'm brilliant on knickers.


I do lots of research so that my character's chit-chat is historically accurate. I'm not stuffy, and I'm never condescending (unless I happen to be playing Queen Elizabeth 1st- then I'm REALLY condescending...)


For more information, have a look in the LIVE INTERPRETATION section of this website.


Ooh, and I do talks too, and singing, for WIs or U3As or anyone else who wants to listen. My talks are in the REMARKABLE WOMEN section of this website.

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Hello! I'm Rachel Duffield.


My job is to make history

accessible and entertaining for all.