Book Now Book Now Queen Elizabeth I portrayed by Rachel Duffield

Queen Elizabeth 1st:

Live Interpretation

for museums & heritage sites 

I'm a highly experienced improvisational actor and live interpreter for museums and heritage sites.


I interact with audiences and visitors of all ages and abilities to provide them with an unforgettable opportunity to meet 'Queen Elizabeth the First' and ask questions.


Once in costume I remain in character as Queen Elizabeth 1st throughout my visit.


Her Majesty's subjects may... informally to the Queen as she takes a stroll around your venue, or bookers may prefer to invite the Queen to a formal interview - the choice is yours!


...listen to Bess talk about her 1578 Summer Progress to East Anglia - did she visit your area on the way to Norwich?


...Her Majesty loves a good gossip - will she dish the dirt on dishy Dudley?


...ask the Queen about her father's many wives - if you dare!

BACK Queen Elizabeth I at Great St Mary's Heritage Centre, Cambridge

Live Interpretation