Book Now Book Now Queen Elizabeth I portrayed by Rachel Duffield

Queen Elizabeth 1st:

For Schools

In character as Queen Elizabeth 1st, you can use me as an 'interactive Tudor resource' in whichever way you, the class teacher, feels will best engage and inform your class.


Sessions can be tailored to suit KS 2, 3 or 4 (experience has shown it works best with students in Y5-Y8, who are better able to suspend disbelief and 'play along').


Your class will engage with historical issues in an inspiring and unusual way. Students can...


...find about about Tudor life and times direct from the monarch

...debate and discuss the issues of her day

...use costume, roleplay, music and replica objects to engage in learning

...find out how the role of women in society

has changed.


Previous sessions with 'Her Majesty' have included...


...being interviewed about her reign for a school newspaper literacy project

...being put in a 'Big Brother House' for a

drama workshop

...being guest of honour at a banquet

...presiding over a meeting to discuss

an important historical issue such as

The Armada (other characters

played by pupils).


Live Interpretation